vrijdag 4 februari 2050

Welcome to the podcast!

Welcome to the homepage of the Robin of Sherwood Podcast. What we do here is talk about the great 1980's tv series Robin of Sherwood one episode at a time. If you click on the title of an episode, you can stream the podcast in your browser. If you want to download it, you can right-click the audio player that opens automatically and choose 'save as'. We are also on iTunes and many podcast-apps for you smartphone.

Thank you for listening and may Herne protect you!

Sytse & Andy

donderdag 22 februari 2018

Robin of Sherwood Podcast s02 e07 The Greatest Enemy

What is the greatest podcast, always near to, sometimes on your shoulder? Sytse and Andy discuss the last episode of the second series and the last one starring Michael Praed as Robin, a story packed with great action scenes and heartbreaking moments. Have a if you're ready to face your greatest enemy.

zaterdag 3 februari 2018

Robin of Sherwood Podcast s02 e06 The Enchantment

The podcasters pick apart The Enchantment, the second to last episode of the Michael Praed era. What's the background of Ralph? What are the future career opportunities for Baron de Belleme? And why is there no final battle between Herne and the baron? You'll hear that and more in this enchanting episode of the Robin of Sherwood Podcast!

zaterdag 13 januari 2018

Robin of Sherwood Podcast bonus episode 01 The Enhanced Audiobooks of 2017

In this special bonus episode of the Robin of Sherwood Podcast we have a look (or better said: a listen) at the enhanced audiobooks that came out in 2017. How do we like them and what do they add to the catalogue? En which of the five stories is the best according to the podcasters?

woensdag 13 december 2017

Robin of Sherwood Podcast s02 e05 The Children of Israel

Sjalom! In this episode the podcasters talk about The Children of Israel, one of the strongest story of the second season. But what makes it so great? What is the theme of this one? And why does the village of Calverton look so familiar? Also we have a special surprise at the end of this podcast.

vrijdag 17 november 2017

Robin of Sherwood Podcast s02 e04 Lord of the Trees

In this episode Andy and Sytse talk about their favourite character, the iconic image of Herne the Hunter, the popularity of Robin of Sherwood in Sri Lanka, how to pronounce the word Brabacons, the most challenging shot master-archer Robin has ever made and many more things related to Lord of the Trees.

maandag 30 oktober 2017

Robin of Sherwood Podcast s02 e03 The Prophecy

He psst, Robin, listen up son, I need you to do me a little favour. I've had this vision of a mysterious prisoner and I've got the feeling he must be freed. Would you do that for me? Cheers mate, Herne.

woensdag 11 oktober 2017

Robin of Sherwood Podcast s02 e02 The Swords of Wayland part 2

A Robin Hood story without the sheriff, sir Guy and Nottingham, does that even work? The brilliant adventure The Swords of Wayland proves it sure does! Robin even comes face to face with the devil himself. In part two we discuss why this is such a great and popular double episode.

vrijdag 15 september 2017

Robin of Sherwood Podcast s02 e01 The Swords of Wayland

Podcasters Sytse and Andy are back for the second season! And so are Robin, Marion, Much, Scarlet, John, Tuck and Nasir (Martin not so much). This time about The Swords Of Wayland, exploring the darkness of the story, Herne's input, the style of the new director and who would be the perfect Tinder-match for Morgwyn of Ravenscar.

woensdag 26 juli 2017

Robin of Sherwood Podcast s01 e06 The King's Fool

For the finale of the first season king Richard shows up in Sherwood. Why is Robin so keen on following his lead? How does this last episode of the season mirror the first one? And did Herne make the location of Rhiannon's wheel impossible to find?  Podcasters Sytse and Andy discuss it all.

vrijdag 7 juli 2017

Robin of Sherwood Podcast s01 e05 Alan a Dale

This time the podcasters dive into the story of Alan a Dale. Why do the outlaws decide to help him? How is this episode connected to the next one? What do Stormtroopers have to do with anything? And ehm... how bad are those bees eh? Have a listen and find out!

maandag 19 juni 2017

Robin of Sherwood Podcast s01 e04 Seven Poor Knights from Acre

In this episode we dive into the very popular episode Seven Poor Knights from Acre, in which Robin and his men have an encounter with the templar knights. Why did the sheriff take their crest to bed? What makes Robin's fight with templar Heinrich so intense? And what does director Ian Sharp do to tell this great story in the best possible way?

vrijdag 2 juni 2017

Robin of Sherwood Podcast s01 e03 The Witch of Elsdon

Should Marion be a fighting member of the outlaws? Did the sheriff come up with a good plan to capture the merries this time? And how many stars ehm... arrows will the podcasters award to The Wich of Elsdon? You'll find out in this third episode of the Robin of Sherwood Podcast!

vrijdag 26 mei 2017

Robin of Sherwood Podcast s01 e02 Robin Hood & The Sorcerer part 2

In the first part we've talked about how Robin of Loxley became Robin Hood. Now we discuss how he takes on the evil Baron de Belleme in Robin Hood & The Sorcerer part 2.

Robin of Sherwood Podcast s01 e01 Robin Hood & The Sorcerer part 1

We dive into the adventure that gets it all started: Robin Hood & The Sorcerer part 1. Grab your bow and arrow and magical sword and come along for the ride!